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Agustina Piaggio & Carlos Espinoza

REGISTER NOW: Workshops from Monday to Wednesday (May 22-24) 

We are looking forward to Agustina Piaggio & Carlos Espinoza at #embrace23! The world famous Guest Maestros will give workshops at the invitation of Guillermo Monti at Nou Mitte (Nou Mitte, Chausseestrasse 102, 10115 Berlin) and perform in his “La Milonga Argentina”on Wednesday (TTMS Oranienstraße 185, 10999 Berlin, Entry: 20 EUR). >More Information / FB-Event

Monday 22/05/2023

18:00 – 21:00.
Seminar 1:
Construction of the dance taking the center of the body as a point of reference.
Seminar 2:
Build the dance of two, both active roles and proposing. Exploration of our own interpretation.
Address: Nou Mitte, Chausseestrasse 102, 10115 Berlin

Tuesday 23/05/2023
18:00 21:00.
Seminar 3:
Melody: movement and fluency. Different ways of seeing the melody. 35-Interpretation: ideas to create criteria and have a broad spectrum and thus be able to interpret in different ways.
Seminar 4:
Milonga: Different ideas to control the speed and highlight the rhythm.
Address: Nou Mitte, Chausseestrasse 102, 10115 Berlin

Wednesday 24/05/2023
18:00 21:00.
Seminar 5:
Rhythm: silence, accents, colors, volume, amplitude: elements to highlight the details of the rhythm.
Seminar 6:
Vals: Turns and sacadas.
Address: Nou Mitte, Chausseestrasse 102, 10115 Berlin

Special package advance purchase (all 6 seminars!): 150 EUR