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GRAND MILONGA: EMBRACE Tangonacht @ Ludwig Loewe Höfe

9:15pm-4:45am: Tangonacht – Grand Milonga
Show: Andres Sautel & Celeste Medina
DJ: Michael Rühl / DavidTango
Eintritt: 15€

The Tango night from Michael Rühl * has a long history. Earlier in the Ballhaus Rixdorf, today more often in Walzerlinksgestrickt the dancing takes place on Saturday evening. As was the case at EMBRACE 2016, it takes place this year in the Lion room. The Grand Milonga joins the grand Tradition of the International Tango festival in Berlin.

We are very fortunate to present Celeste & Andres in this years EMBRACE Festival. After their last visit to Berlin in autumn 2017 they have gathered more fans, as their dance is tremendously elegant, dynamic and fascinating. You can be looking forward to their workshops which will be organized by NOU tango Berlin.

Tangonacht @ Ludwig Loewe Höfe,
Wiebestraße 42-45,
10553 Berlin