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GRAN MILONGA: intimacy – Tango Fantasy Fiesta @ KitKatClub

21:30 – 6:00 Uhr: GRAND MILONGA: intimacy – Tango Fantasy Fiesta (5 Dance-Floors: Tango plus Electro  & Disco)
Main Show: Horacio Godoy & Cecilia Berra
Live-Musik: Berlin Tango Community Orchestra
DJ MAINFLOOR – TANGO: Costa Kalogiros (Athens) – Pool- & Dragonfloor: NEO & NON-TANGO – DJ : Mona Isabelle (Tangoloft), Gosto (Milonga Popular) , DJ ² (Modern Zouk Berlin), Papa Peter (Soda Club), DJ Himself (Disco Bizarre) – 4. Dimension & Séparée- ELECTRO: Dave Dinger (Bachstelzen), GUZY (Radikon), Scruffy Kittn (NewYork), Cat vs Candice (Jansen-Bar), Mesh Project (Berlin)
Tango Classes (19 Uhr): Beginners & Intermediate (TangoKollektiv-Team) / Tango Advanced (Felix Naschke & Natalie Fessehaye) / NON TANGO CLASSES: Bachata Sensual (Jessica & Majid/Bachata Sensual Berlin)
A Blindfold Dialogue (Jan & Saba/Modern Zouk Berlin)
Workshop (19:00–21:30):  Volcadas with Horacio & Cecilia
Entry: 20 EUR (15/10 EUR erm.) / Admission free for BOtc-Participiants and with BOtc Watch & Dance Pass

The KitKatClub certainly belongs to the most famous and permissive techno-fetish-clubs worldwide. It runs under the slogan: „What happens in Kitty, stays in Kitty!“ Since 2016 the Tango-Kollektiv organizes Grand Milongas – for EMBRACE on Friday before Pentecost. The concept of the „Tango Fantasy Fiesta“ opens up totally new horizons and invites you to an adventure: Tango is the centerpiece of a party that is celebrated exclusively only in Berlin. All five floors are open to dance on – two of them with Tango music.

Tango Kollektiv: intimacy @ KitKatClub
Brückenstraße 1,
10179 Berlin