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GUEST MAESTROS: Horacio Godoy & Cecilia Berra

REGISTER NOW! Workshops from Tuesday to Saturday

Register now for the Tango University with Horacio & Cecilia from Tuesday to Saturday. The intensive program with eight workshops focuses on musicality and the history of the tango. Horacio & Cecilia are not only virtuoso dancers, but also unique teachers. The world-famous teacher duo combines their outstanding knowledge of the history of tango with a teaching method that is as universal as it is entertaining.

Horacio, whose milonga “La Viruta” enjoys cult status in Bueonos Aires, can be heard as a DJ at the EMBRACE Opening on Tuesday. Horacio & Cecilia dance a show at the intimacy-Milonga on Sunday evening in the world-famous KitKatClub. Horacio & Cecilia also belong to the jury of the BERLIN OPEN Tango Contest.

Horacio & Cecilia are guests of the Tango Kollektiv for the fifth time at EMBRACE.
Registration for the workshops is provided by the organizer’s online form.

Tango-University: Workshop Program

Dienstag / Tuesday:
19:00-20:30 Uhr: Vintage Milonguero Moves

Mittwoch / Wednesday
19:00-20:30  Uhr: Milionga: Musical Phrasing

Donnerstag / Thursday
19:00-20:30 Uhr: Understanding D’Arienzo – History and Musicality

Freitag / Friday
18:00-19:30 Uhr: Understanding Troilo – History and Musicality
19:45-21:15 Uhr:  Off Axis Moves: Colgada & Volcada Combination

Samstag / Saturday
15:00-16:30  Uhr: Ladys Technique (also for Leaders)
16:45-18:15 Uhr: Advanced Musicality I
18:30-20:00 Uhr: Advanced Musicality II

Preise / Prices:
1 WS: 25 / 2 WS: 50 / 3 WS: 70 / 4 WS: 90 /5 WS: 110 / 6 WS: 125 / 7 WS: 140 / 8 WS: 150

Location : Tangoloft, Gerichtstr. 23. 13347 Berlin
Veranstalter: Tango Kollektiv & Milonga Popular