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La Milonga que faltaba @Mala Junta

21:00 – 01:00: La Milonga que faltaba @Mala Junta
DJ: Ivo Saint (Berlin/Buenos Aires)
Workshops: Jonathan Saavedra & Clarisa Aragón (Cordoba/Argentinien)
Show: Tania Heer & René Marie Meingan (Lyon/Frankreich)

Since 2003 the Tango school Mala Junta offers an extensive program of courses in Schöneberg and hosts favored milongas (Café Dominguez) and marathons (High Noon, October Fiesta). Every Wednesday Mala Junta invites to its very own milonga and the monthly special „La Milonga que faltaba“ with guest DJ’s and show dances.

For EMBRACE, the host Judith Preuss put up a XXL-sized „Milonga que faltaba“: the world champions Jonathan Saavedra & Clarisa Aragón teach 2 workshops, the show by Tania Heer & René Marie Meingan (Lyon/France) commends themselves as guest teachers and Ivo Saint (Buenos Aires), ex-porteño now-local DJ will put the music for the milonga. Tombola prices and hearty snacks serve to enhance the night even more.

Jonathan Saavedra & Clarisa Aragón epitomize the grace and passion associated with Tango. Ever since they won their champions title in 2015 at age 20, they capture the hearts of Tango-lovers all around the globe. In 2017 they enthralled the EMBRACE audience in their stage show and milonga performances, and proved to be outstanding teachers. This year they will give workshops at EMBRACE on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Mala Junta*
(3 Hof, 4. Stock),
Kolonnenstr. 29,
10829 Berlin