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MILONGA: Popular @ Freudenzimmer

9:30pm-4am: Milonga Popular @ Freudenzimmer
DJ Floor 1: Jonathan Saavedra (100% trad.) / DJ Floor 2: Gosto
Eintritt: 5 EUR
Praktika (19-21.30 Uhr) auf Spendenbasis mit dem Tango Kollektiv

Like a fireworks display, Sven’s and Pedram’s Milonga Popular lights up Kreuzberg’s Freudenzimmer every Monday night. The must-see warm-up charges the room and sets the tone for the evening. The practica, video presentation, and Berlin’s, perhaps, most intense milonga (often with live music) lure aficionados as well as a vibrant array of beginner and intermediate dancers. The legendary party and after-after-party on popular’s two dance floors have been the talk of the Berlin tango community and run until the wee hours of morning.

Milonga Popular @ Freudenzimmer; Mehringdamm 61 (Hinterhof, 2. Stock), 10961 Berlin