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Tango Orchestra Seminar „Alfredo Gobbi“ @ Nou

Tuesday 15th to Friday 18th of May 2018 – Roger Helou and Christian Gerber have the pleasure to invite Prof. Ignacio Varchausky (BsAs) to this edition of the Berlin Orchestra project.
Ignacio is the initiator of many projects promoting the investigation and dissemination of tango music in Buenos Aires. It is to him we owe the existence of the Orquesta Escuela de Tango of the city of Buenos Aires, a project that has shaped many that followed, among them our own tango music course!

Focus 2018:
„ALFREDO GOBBI“, the orchestra style that embraces all the other styles.

Practical infos:
Four days investigating, working on instrumental techniques, rhythms, accompaniments, phrasings, as well as in the fine art of improvisation on the piano accompaniment.
A real privilege for us tango-musicians, the possibility of working for four consecutive days exclusively on one specific style, to dive on its complexities, its gestures, and its rhythms… the mysteries of Gobbi’s marvelous music.

Course for professional and advanced amateur musicians with experience in tango playing.

Instruments: Strings, double bass, bandoneón, piano (only professional pianists with experience in tango playing)

Passive listeners WELCOME

– place: Berlin NOU Mitte
– Teachers: Roger Helou and Christian Gerber. Special guest: Ignacio Varchausky (BsAs)
– Tuesday 15th to Friday 18th of May 2018
– 5-6 rehearsal hours per day (from 10:30 to 18h with breaks)
– final concert-ball with all participants (18 May 2018)

For questions and registration, please contact Daniela Eskelson (eskelson@hotmail.com). Prior to participation, you need to register and receive a confirmation to your registration. Scores will then be sent out to each participant, giving you the possibility to become familiar with the themes we will be working on during the seminar.